How to take care of your leather bags

Leather is a very durable material and owning a good quality leather item is a good investment.
But how do I give it the proper care? How do I clean it? 
Contrary to what you may believe, when it comes to leather care, less is more. 
High quality leather goods, like Sonnenleder for instance, have one specific characteristic : The patina will form only after the bag was exposed to the environment (rain, humidity or sunlight). 
The patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface and protects the leather. 
Applying grease, wax or other impregnation products should be avoided, since it can cause more harm than good. 

Wipe carefully with a soft damp cloth (no soap) 


  1. Before first use if you want the patina to develop faster. The leather will darken at first but will soon turn lighter again. 
  2. Once it gets in contact with rain. Apply sufficient pressure and moisture so that the colour difference is no longer visible.
  3. Once a week to wipe away dirt and dust.

Avoid over-filling

Yes ladies, I know it seems impossible, since every single item in our purses has a vital function :)

But once stretched out, leather isn’t going to spring back to its original form.

Treat pressure marks

Pressure marks on the surface can be lightened again by exerting a counterpressure on the inside. Slight scratches disappear when the leather is rubbed with a soft brush or cloth.

Avoid and treat dry areas

Dry areas that mainly occur during use on the bottom and corners of bags can be regreased with a colourless, natural leather grease. Make sure 

Don’t fret the white film

A white film can form on the surface of the leather at low temperatures. This is only grease which has crystallised. You can rub the grease in again with a soft cloth or soft brush.

Store it the right way

Excessively high temperatures, high levels of moisture and unventilated storage areas (like a plastic bag) can damage your leather item. An air-permeable linen or cotton bag is recommended to store bags. When stored for longer periods, the interior should be padded (with paper) to retain the shape of the bag. 


 Well there you go, now you know how to treat your leather bags. Have fun :)


- Nobu from Victor